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Useful Tips on How to Buy Modafinil Online Pharmacy

Have you been reading about Modafinil and now you want to buy the ‘smart drug’ for its many benefits? Do you suffer from sleep apnea and the doctor has prescribed you Modafinil? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this article will be of great help to you. You can learn about the benefits of this drug, how it works in humans and tips on buying Modafinil online and whether or not it is legal to purchase this drug without a prescription.

What is Modafinil and what are its benefits?
Modafinil has been gaining popularity across the globe as one of the strongest ‘smart drugs’ or cognitive enhancers. It is known to improve mental performance in humans. It also helps in boosting energy and focus without any severe negative side effects.

Many people who have been experiencing excessive sleep disorders are buying this drug because it helps them combat the difficulties in concentrating at work or at school/college. Some are buying this drug because it is said to boost mood and productivity, enabling them to work harder and achieve more success.

Modafinil was created in the 1970s by a French professor named Michel Jouvet. In 1986, it was used for treating narcolepsy experimentally whereas in 1998, the FDA approved this drug for use by adults for the same disorder. This drug isn’t approved for children.

The main use of Modafinil is to treat excessive daytime sleepiness that is associated with shift work sleep disorders and narcolepsy. There are many people who buy Modafinil for improving symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

Buying Modafinil Easily
If you wish to buy Modafinil online pharmacy, then here are a few things you need to know:

This is a prescription drug in many developed countries which means, buying it without a prescription can land you in trouble, especially if you are buying it online.
If you are based in the USA, you need to know that law enforcement will rarely pursue you if you buy this drug online.
It can be quite expensive to fill a Modafinil prescription at a pharmacy and this is the reason why many people with a prescription end up purchasing the drug online.
Most of the Modafinil available online is derived from Sun Pharma or HAB. These are two of the reputed pharmaceutical companies that manufacture this drug. Both companies are based in India and while HAB is relatively new in the manufacturing of Modafinil, Sun Pharma has been manufacturing the drug for decades.
There are basically four choices you get if you buy Modafinil online pharmacy- Modvigil, Modalert, Waklert and Artvigil.
Almost all online Modafinil is sourced in India which means that the products on offer on most drug e-commerce sites are indistinguishable. The same products are being drop-shipped by all the e-commerce sites. Just make sure that you are choosing a reliable website for buying the drug because not all sites sell authentic drugs.

Provigil Without Prescription

Properly, When you’ve got already Googled this topic chances are you’ll know by now ModafinilCat is hottest online retailer that sells Modafinil, However in response to my research this is not the most affordable place to purchase Modafinil online and they cost $2 per Tablet And plus the delivery charges you’re paying too much. All you must do is replenish an internet order form and rest of the work is completed by the professionals of chosen pharmacy. Provigil or Modafinil is mostly prescribed for the therapy of sleep problems such as narcolepsy. Aside from it, Provigil has also been prescribed in latest times for treating extreme depression.

No must dash to the pharmacy by putting your order within our web site, because you can now acquire Provigil online just to heal your sleeping issues. Easy methods to Purchase Provigil Online A whole lot of online businesses are actually at the moment selling Provigil. That is why people buy Provigil online to get rid of the sluggishness caused by these sleep issues. Generic Provigil is prescribed in 100mg to 200 mg oral tablets to be ingested every provigil buy morning. Provigil without prescription is obtainable which acts on the re-uptake strategy of dopamine chemical. If after utilizing medication that contains armodafinil or modafinil you experience skin rash or response on account of allergy symptoms, don’t take provigil. Provigil actually affects the individual’s central nervous system and might trigger some results that may impair considering. These provigil reviews concerning different medicine and provigil on-line are actual proofs and experiences of the customers.

Actually, this remedy is accessible at online in addition to offline medical stores, but should you purchase Provigil by an internet pharmacy, then you’ll get enticing discounts and value-effectives rates. Facet Results Related With Provigil When Patients are prescribed with Provigil, they provigil online are reminded that there are potential unwanted side effects that will happen while taking the drug. In case you endure from some liver or kidney problems, the body might not sort out Provigil in the way in which it should. Provigil is taken into account to be protected for use when taken on the really helpful dosages.

He took The opportunity to God and bad experience, with people so far as attainable, so he started the same error, what do I do once I purchase Modafinil online. Before you purchase Provigil 200mg without prescription, you need to get to know concerning the facet points produced by this drug. Everyone order provigil online earlier than using this drugs should consult the physician and this can be a prescription medicine so shopping for Provigil without prescription shouldn’t be doable. Howard sanders: you guys are altogether the very best online drugstore I ought to keep.

Don’t purchase Provigil 200mg without prescription in case you suffer from allergic reactions after consuming the medication. You should buy Provigil or its generic, Modafinil and save money on the online provigil cost which is less than most traditional pharmacies. Your provigil dosage ought to be taken just the way in which your doctor buy provigil online prescribed it. Comply with every path as it is said on the label of the drug. In case you might be using modafinil for the sleep disorder, take Provigil an hour before you start the work shift. Therefore before you get Provigil without prescription you could collect details about the medicine from your physician.

low cost Modalert at an internet pharmacy

In our take a look at, neither subject had any concept that using his phone would decelerate his reaction time a lot. Modalert (Modafinil) is a narcoleptic, which suggests an effective nervous system stimulant. Modafinil is released below numerous emblems, together with Modalert from Sun Prescribed drugs, together with Alertec, Mentix, Vigicer, Modavigil, Modiodal, Vigil, Provigil, Modasomil, Sparlon, Modafil, Modalert, and other modafinil online pharmacy. Modafinil is extensively used for its ability to increase concentration, alertness and productivity. You’ll be able to order low cost Modalert at an internet pharmacy, as a result of costs at online pharmacies are much decrease, than at common ones, as a rule. Modafinil induces it own metabolism via CYP-450 3A4 after power administration.

My working hypothesis is that ED And More has an unreliable supply chain or SpierX has poor high quality control (which makes them an excellent candidate for a number of the later statistics discussion); one primitive check reported that there’s some kind of sulfur content, indicative of modafinil.

I earlier said I used to be prepared to trade, based mostly purely on qualitative issues, future and present at a 2:1 price, so between the quality online pharmacy modafinil of life discounting (~2:1) and the temporal discounting (>three:1), an hour of modafinil use must price me not less than 6 hours sooner or later!

Furthermore, on-line pharmacies present alternatives to order Modalert with no prescription online. Beneath is information given to me by an acquaintance about 2 strips of 200mg Modalert which he obtained by way of 2 separate sources. One wholesome male volunteer developed concepts of reference, paranoid delusions, and auditory hallucinations in association with multiple day by day 600 mg doses of PROVIGIL and sleep deprivation. It jogged my memory of me back in 2004 once I first began looking for a spot to buy Modafinil online.

If you wish to buy Modalert on-line or Provigil online, we suggest you to compare priceson Modalert and Provigil before you truly go and order Modalert or Provigil on-line. In case modafinil you couldn’t purchase Modalert from India at a pharmacy in your tow, you can at all times purchase Modalert online.

The best quality generic Modafinil, wonderful service & the bottom costs in the online pharmacy trade! There are Modafinil generics, like Modalert that cost less expensive than other modafinil drugs, such as Provigil. Here yow will discover out all information about Modafinil (Modalert) produced by Solar Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. On the second night time, the reverse was discovered-placebo topics reported eight.1 hours of sleep, whereas modafinil subjects reported sleeping 10 hours. In different phrases, Modalert differs from dearer modafinil brands only by release form and worth. So you must understand the foundations in your nation before ordering the drug online. However modafinil doesn’t erase the price completely nor can you merely maintain utilizing it.

Canadian On-line Pharmacy

In 1 examine,ninety one modafinil decreased whole sleep time (sum of stages 2, sluggish-wave, and REM sleep; 9.seventy eight hours) relative to placebo (eleven.43 hours) on the first night time of restoration sleep however not on the second night. Many lengthy-term Modafinil customers report that sleep is unattainable for not less than a few hoursfollowing dosage with Modafinil. For comparison, we took the average cost of Provigil on-line and compared it to Modalert prices in our on-line pharmacy. Not only does it increase your vitality but Modafinil and it’s equal also allows your mind to operate at larger effectivity. Modalert from Sun Prescription drugs is a number of times cheaper, than modafinil medicines launched by different producers. Thus, the cognitive benefits of modafinil appear significantly marked in tests of vigilance and speed, by which sleepiness could be an necessary issue.

One other youngster with a history of visual and auditory hallucinations exhibited vital worsening in her psychotic signs with the initiation of modafinil administration, requiring temporary discontinuation of the drug, adjustment of psychotropic drugs, and reinstatement of modafinil therapy without any recurrence of psychotic manifestations.

The 2 customary formats for Modafinil (Modalert) out there doses are Modafinil 200 and one hundred mg tablets. When sodium valproate was added, seizures resolved despite ongoing modafinil remedy. More definitive evidence regarding the security and tolerability of modafinil will finally be supplied by means of meta-analysis as well online pharmacy modafinil as by giant-scale studies, comparable to the ongoing NIMH sponsored scientific trials. Modafinil , perfomance enchancing drug is well-often known as a cognitive enhancer which boosts alertness and vitality. You’ll have no points, when determine to order Modalert with no prescription online.

In USA and Europe, modafinil is already recognized for a long time under numerous brand names: Alertec, Mentix, Vigicer, Modavigil, Vigil, Modiodal, Provigil, Modasomil, Modafil, Sparlon, Modalert, and other. For instance, the now-defunct Airsealed’s $22 modafinil appeared like a superb deal – however the worth was almost doubled by their $15 delivery modafinil online pharmacy, but when one purchased so much the worth also seemed loads better. Modafinil exhibits completely no indicators of withdrawal symptoms, and no rebound effect occurs because the drug wears off.

Before you buy Modalert with no prescription online, it’s endorsed to get acquainted with a Modalert assessment. Preliminary findings indicate that modafinil could result in higher government functioning and attentional efficiency in sufferers with schizophrenia. Although Modafinil is nicely-identified for its skill to counteract fatigue and enhance wakefulness, it doesn’t cause insomnia when used appropriately.

A buddy of mine passed out in his automobile after ingesting and had a modafinil on him. The standard subjective experience of Modafinil is to really feel one’s mind working at its finest. Provigil is composed primarily of a drug generally known as Modafinil and Modafinil is readily available in it is generic type at many pharmacies on-line. I’ve been buying Modafinil on-line to assist me fight shift work sleep disorder and extreme daytime sleepiness for about 7 yrs now. Sure athletes and sports individuals have additionally reported that Modafinil has a constructive effect on their hand to eye coordination. Now, it’s easy to avoid this drawback and create a reliable rating system for modafinil sellers. Current research suggests Modafinil is a safe, efficient and well-tolerated agent very like its older and higher-examined analogue Adrafinil. Warning should be exercised when PROVIGIL is given to sufferers with a historical past of psychosis.

The MHRA collaborates with numerous organizations to target illegal web sites, from the Metropolitan police e-crimes unit to US homeland security and specialized organizations that establish suspect on-line activity…Not lengthy after the officers made their manner up the steps, Lee-Frost, on the pavement outside, obtained a call on his cell.

A Guide To memory enhancement medicine for students

More and more over the past years, students throughout the United States have abused Adderall as a research drug, and as a party drug; it’s taken during finals week, and snorted during events. Since real faux medicine costs about as much and the cost of the modafinil is likely one of the smallest prices concerned, we can assume that it is in all probability actual and the Indian pharmacy costs modafinil online pharmacy apply. Nonetheless, the results seem to point that efficiency after restoration sleep did not differ between modafinil and placebo, and that, for each teams, efficiency was restored to pre-sleep-deprivation levels. For this reason Modalert has the same pharmacological motion, as different, dearer modafinil medicines, equivalent to Alertec and Provigil.

However, hostile results are associated with all therapeutic medicine, and since modafinil is used as an adjunct to treatment with APDs, the chance modafinil for emergence of antagonistic interactions is critical while benefit stays unclear (see Glick et al81).

As this will make falling asleep harder than ordinary, patients are nicely-suggested to ensure they are not below the stimulatory influence of Modafinil when making an attempt to sleep this manner. Modafinil Stores: Amazon , EBAY, Gizmodo, Gizmag, CVS , Goodrx, Boots uk, Mylan, Powder metropolis, Rxshop, Starkpharm, Sun pharma, Teva, Apotheken, Umschau, Apteka, goodrx, emedicine. You might be critically inconvenienced and drained the following morning in the event you take Modafinil in the late morning or afternoon. B. Provigil (if you will get a prescription but haven’t any insurance) per capsule value has ranged from about $5.53 to $13.62 (Nov 2009). United States gross sales of Provigil elevated from $25 million in 1999 to $475 million in 2005 to $800 million in 2007.

The kind produced by Teva is the truth is repackaged Provigil, bought below a unique identify as a generic Modafinil. It would not have helped a lot anyway as a result of even if I had had insurance at the time, Modafinil would not have been lined, even under the title Provigil. It’s easy to make a purchase order online in nations the place this drug is authorized to purchase with out online pharmacy modafinil a prescription.There are a number of reputed online pharmacies promoting this neuro-enhancing drug. Modafinil memory enhancement properties have grow to be fairly popularbut it is advised to not take this drugs on your own except your doctor prescribes it to you. Below, we provide a desk, during which you can also make positive how a lot Modalert from Sun Prescribed drugs is cheaper, than Provigil.

Purchase modalert 200, Buy provigil online with prescription, Provigil cost canada, The place to purchase provigil, Modafinil overnight delivery, Provigil with out prescriptions canada, Purchase provigil india. Modafinil is sold in 200mg pills, nonetheless many customers discover that 100mg is enough to get the desired effects. Also, when ordering Modalert on-line, you can receive a free consultation from a pharmacist that works with the online pharmacy you cope with. Conditions that require prolonged intervals of alertness and a spotlight profit greatly from Modafinil.

However, in two other research, methylphenidate significantly elevated thought disorder in patients with schizophrenia (Levy et al, 1993) and increased redundant responding on an oral word production test (Szeszko et al, 1999)….Two case studies inspecting the use of modafinil in schizophrenia confirmed enchancment in the detrimental signs of both sufferers and a decrease the sedating uncomfortable side effects of their antipsychotic medicines(Yu et al, 2002).

5 Reasons You Should Try Modafinil

What are the effects of Modafinil? This is probably the question that I get asked most often, in some form or another. Most people want to know what being on Modafinil feels like. (Others ask whether Modafinil will make them as smart as Stephen Hawking, to which I respond “No, not quite.”) I usually tell them that the difference is subtle, yet it has a profound impact on focus and productivity. I then add that it’s something they have to experience for themselves; since everyone is wired differently, Modafinil’s effects vary slightly from person to person.

For me, the benefits of Modafinil are most evident in my work and study. My natural inclination is to work, which is advantageous, since as a full-time graduate student, a freelance writer and a manager of two start-ups, I have a lot of work to do on any given day. Because Modafinil increases mental focus, when I take it, I have an exceptionally strong desire to ‘get stuff done.’ And since Modafinil also helps to combat fatigue, I can work for long hours without getting tired. That is the difference Modafinil makes for me, in a nutshell.

I have also interviewed dozens of people whose lives were completely changed by Modafinil, including popular smart-drug advocates such as Dave Asprey and Joe Rogan. In my research, I have found that the vast majority of people who have tried Modafinil ended up incorporating it into their daily or weekly rituals. This is a powerful testament to Modafinil’s ability to deliver noticeable and consistent results. After all, if Modafinil wasn’t helping these people, why would they keep on taking it week after week, month after month?

As we at AfinilExpress work to spread the good news about Modafinil with the rest of the world, we hope that you, too, will experience the life-changing effects of this wonder drug. With that goal in mind, I have put together a list of 5 reasons why you should try Modafinil – today.

  1. Everyone can benefit from Modafinil.

Modafinil improves memory [1] and mood, [2] reduces impulsive decision making, [3] increases your resistance to fatigue, [4] and even improves brain function during sleep debt. [5] These are all things that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your age, occupation or baseline intelligence. As Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey puts it, “I’m more inclined to believe people suffer from Modafinil deficiency, rather than it being a supplement.” [8] Indeed, studies have shown that Modafinil not only helps increase productivity but also improves people’s quality of life (QOL) scores, meaning they are happier and more fulfilled. [9]

  1. Modafinil’s effects are clinically proven.

I have discussed this point extensively in other blog posts, so I won’t go into detail here. Granted, the scientific research on Modafinil is vast, including clinical trials and long-term studies on sleep-deprived and non-sleep-deprived individuals. Fortunately for us, researchers at Oxford University have summarized all of the important research. [10] You can read their full report here, but the important thing to note is their concluding statement: “it is noteworthy that with more protracted and complex testing, more benefits are being associated with Modafinil use rather than less, which suggests that Modafinil may well deserve the title of the first well-validated pharmaceutical ‘nootropic’ agent.” [10] This statement is especially impressive in light of the authors’ comprehensive literature review: they analyzed 267 articles in total, including reports on clinical trials, imaging studies and other psychometric assessments.

  1. Modafinil is not dangerous or addictive.

Modafinil is not dangerous or addictive, unlike Adderall or Ritalin. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard someone claim that Modafinil is “like meth” (Usually, they have never actually taken either, or even spoken with anyone who has). Technically, Modafinil is not even in the stimulant category: the FDA classifies it under “arousal promoting,” not stimulating, agents. You can sleep after taking Modafinil, it’s just that you won’t want to because you’ll be so focused. And, for crying out loud, Modafinil is not – I repeat not – addictive. There is no street value for it. Dr. Barbara Sahakian, a leading authority on the neuropsychology of smart drugs, says that although Modafinil can have mild side effects, such as headaches, “it has no addictive qualities.” [11] Just to be sure, though, I consulted my friend, a Harvard-trained physician who operates drug and alcohol addiction clinics throughout New England. He confirmed that “out of the nearly 60,000 patients who have come through my clinics, we’ve never had an addict ask for Modafinil. It is clearly not addictive.”

  1. Taking Modafinil does not constitute ‘cheating.’

In addition to claims of addictive potential, the second most common false accusation I often hear is that Modafinil is immoral. Some people think that using smart drugs to, say, achieve a higher grade on an exam or perform better at work somehow constitutes cheating. I usually respond by asking: Do you ever drink coffee to stay awake? Do you use fire to stay warm? How about electricity? Agriculture? Reading glasses? The point is: people have been using technology to improve performance for a very, very long time . When asked whether taking Modafinil is ethical or not, a friend of mine once responded, “it’s no more unethical than wearing a sweater on a cold day is unethical.” It’s up to you whether or not you want to utilize the technology that is available to you.

  1. You owe it to yourself to reach your full potential.

This is the biggest reason you should try Modafinil, as it stems from the core of who we are as human beings. Most people have a pretty good idea of what they are capable of. Many go through life controlled by their limitations and shortcomings (consciously or subconsciously), while others choose to focus on their potential instead. It is a proven fact that your mindset – whether you choose to think in terms of limitations or potential – often dictates your boundaries of intellectual capacity (Examples include stereotype threat [12] and the influence of performance-based approval on learning [13]). In short, if you believe your intelligence is fixed and there is nothing you can do to improve your mental performance, then you will never reach your full potential. The people who believe they can achieve anything will always outperform those who don’t – this is a scientifically validated fact. [14] If you have the mindset of an overcomer – someone who likes to challenge their own limitations and boundaries – then you owe it to yourself to try Modafinil, since it is one of most powerful tools for maximizing your potential.

Modafinil Niche Series, Part 1: College Students and Academics

This is the first blog post in a three-part sequence called the ‘Modafinil Niche Series.’ In the previous post, an introduction to the series, I mentioned that nootropics in general, and Modafinil in particular, have come to flourish within three particular communities: (1) among college students and academics, (2) among business executives and entrepreneurs, and (3) among biohackers. In today’s post, we will be taking a closer look into the first category with the goal of answering the following questions:

  • Why are college students and academics attracted to Modafinil in the first place?
  • How, if at all, has Modafinil improved their quality of life (both generally and with respect to academic performance in particular)?

The academic and research community is perhaps the most well-known category of Modafinil users. Many undergraduate and graduate students, college professors, and other academics are rather outspoken when it comes to the topic of cognitive enhancement. It may not surprise you, then, to know that many of the highest achievers in academia are also nootropic users. I remember when I discovered this for myself.

As a graduate student in Boston, I spent quite a bit of time around extremely smart people. (Boston is home to about 35 colleges and universities, including Harvard and MIT, in case you didn’t know.) During my first year in graduate school, shortly after I had discovered Modafinil and began taking it, I started to wonder how many of my brainy colleagues were also using smart drugs. So, I designed a survey and distributed it to about 600 undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard and MIT. To my surprise, I received 438 responses. Here’s what I found:

  1. 21% of Harvard and MIT students said they had used at least one cognitive enhancing drug or supplement before.
    2. Of those students, 87% said they had used or would use the same cognitive enhancing drug or supplement again.
    3. 28 of the 438 participants said they had taken Modafinil in the past.
    4. All 28 of those students said they had taken Modafinil multiple times.

Although I didn’t ask how many of the Modafinil users were still taking Modafinil at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if that ratio was also one-hundred percent.

Possibly the most astonishing finding was that nearly 1 out of 4 students at two of the top universities in the U.S. stated that they had taken nootropics before. As it turns out, maybe there’s more to being accepted by a prestigious university than possessing natural intellect. Perhaps a person’s intelligence can be augmented to the extent that they, too, can study alongside the best of the best.*

Some time after conducting the survey in Boston, I did some more research on smart drug usage among college students. In my reading, I came across several studies, conducted in both the U.S. and England, the results of which closely paralleled my own. In particular, other surveys have confirmed my original finding that at least 1 out of 4 college students are taking smart drugs. That number is apparently much higher in the UK, where the number of Modafinil users alone totals 25% or more on college campuses.

One survey, reported in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, showed that 26% of students at Oxford University said they had used Modafinil. Comparatively, 25% of students at Newcastle and Leeds claimed to have tried the drug, and around 20%, on average, at universities like Imperial, Sheffield, Nottingham and Manchester said the same. [1] One participant, named Jack, was studying at Cambridge when he first heard about Modafinil and started using it. “It was my third year and it [Modafinil] suddenly appeared, and people were like, ‘It’s amazing. It allows you to concentrate,’” he recounts. “[I]t was very useful for mechanical academic work when [I was] just trying to do a lot of notes or something.” [2]

I later discovered a blog post  in which Jack described his experience with Modafinil in more detail: “It gives you a kind of tunnel vision. You can concentrate for hours on reading a book, taking meticulous notes, not looking up once… . [G]enerally you will feel akin to some kind of super-human, ploughing through work like a fully-functioning Stephen Hawking.” [3] Jack’s testimony is not unlike that of many other students, who use Modafinil to avoid distractions while reading, studying or writing (See, for example, this user’s .

According to another survey, which was conducted by the Oxford student newspaper, Cherwell and received 662 responses, about 16% of Oxford students admitted to having taken Modafinil or another smart drug while studying at university. [4] Of those, nearly half (43%) said they had taken Modafinil sporadically throughout their academic career, while about one-fourth (26%) had taken it only before important deadlines, such as in preparation for exams. Based on Cherwell’s survey, it appears that while only some college students know about smart drugs, the topic is openly discussed among the student body, since over half of the respondents (53%) answered that they knew other people studying at Oxford who had taken nootropics. [4]

This brings us back to our original intuition that Modafinil is much less of a ‘niche drug’ than it is sometimes made out to be. In addition to the surveys that I mentioned, several other questionnaires, such as one carried out by the Cambridge University student website The Tab, [5] have proven that smart drug usage is relatively widespread across all universities and departments: Modafinil usage within more than 70 departments at 10 different universities was 17% or higher. Nevertheless, these same questionnaires have also shown that the highest levels of usage are in the top ranking universities – Oxford and Cambridge topped the list – and students of subjects with the highest workloads (e.g. math, law) tended to show the highest usage.

In contrast to the U.S. and U.K. polls, a survey of smart drug usage among college students in the Netherlands [6] revealed that none of the students reported having ever taken Modafinil (52% reported using methylphenidate, and 36% said they had used beta blockers). This suggests that there is a need for educating people about the superior cognitive enhancing effects of Modafinil – ‘superior,’ because unlike methylphenidate and other potentially harmful substances, Modafinil has no serious side effects. [7] It is difficult to say whether the lack of Modafinil usage among college students in the Netherlands has any measurable effect on their academic performance or not, although it is probably not a coincidence that Dutch universities have considerably lower retention rates on average compared to other European countries (e.g. 94% in the UK, compared to 72% in the Netherlands [8]).

In fact, this is the view of Nicole Vincent, PhD, whose own research on in the field of bioethics has led her to conclude that college students and academics are better off with access to performance enhancing drugs. [9] Nicole, an unequivocal advocate of smart drugs, is herself a Modafinil user, and has talked about her experience with Modafinil on public television. [10] “By taking [Modafinil],” Nicole said, “I set up a certain precedent for what people can expect of me.” She went on to state that Modafinil allows her to complete twice as many academic projects per year as she normally would. Yet, Nicole also noted that Modafinil has benefits outside of work, including improving her social life by giving her more energy and freeing up time to spend with her friends and family. [10]

Other academics and researchers are caching onto the idea that Modafinil not only increases productivity but also enhances quality of life in general. In an interview on SBS’s The Feed Forum, Jason Mazanov, PhD  a sports nutrition and performance enhancement specialist at the University of New South Wales, said that he expects future research to continue to uncover favorable effects of smart drugs as the general public becomes more open about nootropics. Jason pointed out that “medicine has a long history of people trying things on themselves that have [led to] great discoveries,” and that “we can use this new technology [smart drugs] to make the human condition better.” [10]

*Note: The idea that a person’s IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, can be increased via supplements and drugs is supported by empirical evidence. [11], [12] This topic has been discussed extensively by Dave Asprey, Dana Dovey, and others. I will also cover this research in a later post.