Guide to Taking Modafinil Provigil the Right Way

Provigil belongs to the class of Eugeroic drugs that are used for stimulating the mind and increasing wakefulness. Doctors prescribe this drug for treating sleep disorders that are caused by sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorders. It is also taken as a nootropic supplement by people who wish to boost their mental abilities and become more productive. This drug is said to help people achieve greater cognitive abilities.

It is not recommended to take Modafinil Provigil if you have had any allergic reactions or skin rashes while taking Modafinil. It can cause skin reactions that can be severe and require treatment in the hospital. If you have hives, skin rashes, peeling, blisters, trouble in breathing, mouth sores, swelling in legs, fever, yellowing of skin or eyes, then it is strongly recommended to stop taking this medicine and get medical help.

Make sure that you inform your doctor if you have angina (chest pain), kidney disease or even heart problems. If you have a history of drug addiction or alcoholism, then your doctor needs to know about it before prescribing you Provigil.

The central nervous system gets affected by Modafinil. The drug can also impact reaction or thinking procedures. Therefore, it is recommended to first understand how this medication is affecting your level of wakefulness and your body. Don’t take up driving or any activities that require you to be alert before assessing the effect of Provigil on your body.
Before you start taking this drug, make sure it is safe for you. Don’t end up taking it on your own. For instance, if you are pregnant or you want to get pregnant, it is not recommended to take this medication. So it is always helpful if you ask a certified doctor if Provigil is safe for you or not.

How to take Provigil?
It is best to take the medication as prescribed by your doctor. You must follow all the directions you have been given or whatever instructions are mentioned on the prescription label. It is not advised to take this medicine in small or large amounts or for a longer period than recommended.

Modafinil isn’t an addictive drug but it can be habit-forming. Also, don’t share the drug with any other person, especially if someone has had a history of drug addiction or abuse. It is best to keep the medication stored away from the reach of children.

The best time for taking this medicine is early in the morning because it helps in preventing daytime sleepiness. You can also take it at least 1 hour before you start your shift work. This will help in treating work-time sleep disorders.

Make sure that you are reading all patient information, medication guides and other instructions that have been provided to you by the doctor. In case you are confused about something, always ask the doctor. The tablets can be taken with or without food. Just remember to seek medical help as soon as you experience side effects.


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