Does Modafinil Cause Liver Damage?

With time, you’ll ultimately conclude greater individual productivity will remain unattainable without some form of cognitive enhancement. For this reason, nootropics have presently become widely used products globally. Nootropics are simply mind-boosting supplements and/or synthetic emotional strengtheners. Such biohacking enhancers eliminate lethargy, fatigue, or generally paralyzing mental/emotional feelings that trigger overwhelming inactivity levels.

Although you’ll obviously come across a number of nootropics in the market, Modafinil‘s results clearly tower above the benefits availed by most other off-label pills currently trending out there. This positive remark isn’t however a worthy reason that would make one overlook some possible Modafinil-related liver problems reported by some users.

Since most folks using this aren’t health specialists, it’s important to state that Modafinil, like most other popular medications, must pass through the liver before it enters the blood stream. For one’s liver to perform this important function, it should be perfectly healthy so as to metabolize swallowed drugs. Note that this essential organ must also remain equally healthy after breaking down substances such as nootropics or even more common medicines like painkillers.

The liver consists of technically “large” parts called cells. A typical liver cell contains a huge number of comparatively smaller components named enzymes. As such, each of these two parts ought to be naturally sound for metabolize ingested tablets or such. A damaged or strained liver is incapable of handling pills, and also a quite fatal menace.

Therefore, the liver becomes weakened or dysfunctional, spilling enzymes into the bloodstream. These misplaced enzymes may cause skin yellowing or affect eye color; for these are common signs of a diseased liver. Notably, there are some uniquely structured enzymes that are only found in the liver.

This is why blood screening results are often used to detect liver issues. If traces of these liver-specific enzymes are seen in one’s blood samples, a positive liver damage/strain diagnosis becomes a reasonable conclusion.

Nonetheless, it’s important keep in mind that Modafinil isn’t really anunhealthier tablet than other tablets used daily by millions of people internationally such as antibiotics. In fact, many health bodies haven’t yet documented any specifically life-threatening risks that can be exclusively linked to this cognitive booster.

As such, a big number of alleged correlations between liver damage and this pill may be as a result of mere speculations or likely misdiagnosis. Going by the testimonies found on many user forums and medical experts, there’s majorly nothing so liver-damaging in Modafinil that would make it a high-risk product. According to self-confessed experiences of longtime consumers, the pill deserves to be saved from these clearly groundless suspicions.

Nevertheless, it’s advisable to have a doctor examine you before you dose. If you have a liver problem already, you’ll have to either quit the idea of using the tablet or opt for smaller doses. Besides these prior checkups, remember to take enough water, an extra glass or two – just to be sure that all is well.

Finally, it’s good to stay cautious as you embrace this wakefulness booster. Always start with some little quantity. Don’t switch to high amounts overnight. Don’t forget that moderation is everything in this life. After all, you all too well understand that even too much cinnamon or beef is a quick recipe for sure self-extermination!


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