Top 5 Myths about Modafinil

While Modafinil is no doubt a great smart drug for overworked individuals seeking to increase their productivity, there are some fake stories about the undeniably wonderful pill doing rounds out there. As such, highlighted below are some of the totally uninformed views propagated by undependable individuals without any basic understanding about how the highly regarded cognitive booster actually works.

  1. Success Shortcuts

Although Modafinil boosts alertness in people who cannot successfully carry out their core tasks due to mental fatigue and other related psychological and emotional signs of lethargy/inactivity, you shouldn’t buy into the bogus claims that the tablet provides supposed shortcuts to success.

You don’t actually succeed by using shortcuts. Those circulating wholly unverified hearsay that Modafinil helps users to achieve breathtaking success in life by circumventing “obstacles” such as hard work and relentless determination are only giving the universally endorsed pill some pretty undeserved bad rap.

  1. Increased Intelligence

Should anyone even slightly believe the utter hogwash that using Modafinil naturally increases one’s natural intelligence? If you’re not a math guy since basic elementary days, this fundamentally mind-activating formulation cannot transform you into another legendary calculation genius! This is not even worlds close to how Modafinil improves your general daily performance.

The awesome pill is just a good medical intervention to help eliminate the pervasive feelings of mental and emotional listlessness as a result of many hours of continuous work. It simply makes you able to undertake more workloads than usual by giving you additional psychological zeal and motivation beyond your natural fatigue limits.

  1. Excess Modafinil Is More Beneficial

If you want to reap the most out of Modafinil, you ought to steer clear from the widespread deception that taking surplus amounts works better than moderate consumption of this unbelievably popular mind enhancement product. The scientific facts and concepts behind these hopeless arguments are fundamentally flawed.

What happens when you take an excess amounts of a given stimulating or cognitive enhancer? Quite simple medical logic – your body develops greater tolerance levels and the said substance stops causing as much mental or emotional alterations as it used to do before.

  1. Doesn’t Blend Well with Caffeine and Cannabis

Besides there being warnings about using certain mind improvement products or stimulants together, the sheer truth is that there are some stimulants such as Cannabis and Caffeine that mix well with Modafinil for higher alertness levels.

Therefore, any false warnings by some misinformed individuals who argue that the mind strengthener isn’t supposed to be used together with certain nootropics should be generally be dismissed unless you’re acting on the express advice given by a certified doctor. In fact, practical user experience accounts and thousands of honest online reviews indicate that this exemplary tablet works even better when used with either caffeine or cannabis.

  1. Generic Modafinil Brands Are Ineffective

Even though patented Modafinil brands such as Provigil are generally priced higher in the market for almost purely idiosyncratic reasons, this doesn’t mean that generic versions of this widely used cognitive enhancer cannot give you the same high feeling authentic ones create.

Nonetheless, this isn’t an endlessly broad room to allow yourself to be conned by bogus sellers online or even at clandestine brick-and-mortar locations. As such, it’s imperative to have an insightful understanding of the most helpful second-tier brands such as Modalert. Again, if you’re purchasing over the web, it’s wise to procure the pill from countries where the brain booster is mass-produced for the larger global market.


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