Is Generic Modafinil Safe?

Is generic Modafinil safe? That is a question many consumers of the smart drug raise over and over. Many users of Modafinil are aware of its efficacy in enhancing focus, mood and mental abilities like memory function and treating sleep disturbance issues. Yet, despite finding this smart drug an indispensable ally in improving mental function, many find the price of brand Modafinil prohibitive. Provigil retails at $10-$20 per tablet while the generic forms of the drug retail at less than $1 per tablet.

It is also not readily available, as it is a prescription only medication unlike off-brand Modafinil, which are easily obtainable online vendors. Thus, for a regular consumer of Modafinil, the issue of the safety and efficacy of off-brand Modafinil usually arises.

Is it safe to use, considering its relatively low price compared to the original? It must be mentioned here that this is an important question to explore as purchases are made in the international market, where controls are not as stringent as in the case of FDA controlled brand Modafinil. These more relaxed controls can result in availability of low quality substandard or even harmful Modafinil.

This article should probably put to rest those fears about the generic smart drug not being safe. If we are considering Modafinil that’s not manufactured by counterfeit non-registered companies, clinical results give a lot of hope to those who want generics.

Clinical studies have found that 98% of off-brand drugs have less than 10% difference in their effectiveness when compared with originals. Originals were also outperformed many times by generics and this is no different in the case of Modafinil.

The huge price difference between the original and generic Modafinil arises from the huge research, development and advertising costs the manufacturers of the brand had to incur to bring the product into the market. Because such costs cannot be recovered any other way, the original manufacturers are given a patent and allowed to be only sellers of their drug, for some time.

Ideally, there should be no difference in the active ingredient in off-brand and brand Modafinil, when the generic is coming from a reputable manufacturer. Counterfeit companies replace the active ingredient with other products which may be unhelpful or even harmful, but this is not the case with reputable generic manufacturers. The only difference between an original and generic Modafinil tab, is usually the inactive ingredients, substances, preservatives, dyes, fillers and other additions to the drugs. Another difference is in the process of production. Mechanism of tablet compression may differ. Otherwise, generic Modafinil was found similar to the original brand in regard of efficacy and safety according to numerous customer reviews.

But considering there are counterfeit manufacturers, the question whether generic Modafinil is safe or not still begs to be answered. The answer is that it is, IF careful research is done. Read reviews on Reddit and Quora to find out names of popular Modafinil generics. Modalert produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals of India is has been the most trusted generic form of Modafinil for quite some time. Others are Modvigil and Modapro.  But even with this off-brands, make sure you buy from reputable sellers. Read reviews on the seller’s website, and make sure there are many positive ones.


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