How Modafinil Boosts Meditation

While using Modafinil for greater cognitive performance works wonders, combining this excellent nootropic with meditation avails an incomparably sharp sense of focus and psychological fortitude. Given the fact that both Modafinil and meditation improve focus, some individuals think that it is not really important to use them together. However, first-hand testimonies by thousands of happy users have shown that using the two together enhances concentration and mental energy. Continue reading to discover how Modafinil boosts meditation.


First, meditation requires a lot uninterrupted focus which may not easy to achieve people who have demanding schedules. Even for people who work extra shifts and are thus ever all-in, using Modafinil gives them the elusive mental focus required to successfully undertake continuous meditation sessions. However, yoga enthusiasts who have never used Modafinil are advised to start with a small amount of Modafinil and then gradually increase their volumes until they discover the ideal amounts for the most rewarding meditative process.

Peaceful Mind

Again Modafinil is a fantastic nootropic that gives you a more peaceful mind – a perquisite for better meditation sessions. Without a peaceful mind, meditation would be impracticable. Therefore, many stressed or depressed individuals use Modafinil to achieve the mental peacefulness needed for many hours of nonstop meditation. Nonetheless, it’s still imperative to remember that Modafinil is a thoroughly stimulating smart drug. As a result, don’t take too much of it or have it too close to the start of your session. For the average person, the nootropic should be taken a few hours before your yoga routine.

Fights Fatigue

Even if you’re exhausted after an excruciating day of unnerving labors, taking Modafinil gives you a relaxing feeling that takes away all your tiredness. For instance, it is impossible to embark on yoga sessions if you are extremely tired. Nevertheless, taking Modafinil eases your fatigue and thus makes it possible for you to do meditation. This means that this one-of-a-kind nootropic makes it possible for even the most time-crunched professionals to practice rewarding meditation whenever they get short breaks from their demanding routines.

Mental Clarity

Moreover, the unmistakable reasoning clarity that Modafinil bestows is a wonderful ingredient for long meditative concentration. Continuous meditation is impossible for a person whose befuddled mind darts from thought to thought. As such, Modafinil helps you dwell your mind on the clear blankness of nothingness and thus achieve the unsearchable yoga benefits. Again, steer clear from the temptingly high possibility of taking too much Modafinil as this will erode all the gains.

Brain Plasticity

Ever heard of plasticity? Some of the key ingredients in this incomparably effective nootropic positively influence brain plasticity. Greater mental plasticity means that your brain can easily adapt to the changes occasioned by long meditative processes. The two important mental states, solitude and inner quietude (two extremely essential requirements for continued focus during meditation) can be attained when on Modafinil.

Finally, the extra energy that Modafinil confers is exactly what you require to stay focused and concentration your yoga sessions without feeling fatigued or restless. Ever tried meditating on an empty stomach or when feeling generally weak? Modafinil helps you remain alert and largely settled throughout the meditative session.


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