Modafinil for Long Term Memory- Is it effective?

In academic communities, people are using Modafinil for studying with better focus and attention.This medicine is also said to be effective in enhancing cognitive abilities and making it easy for people to work for longer periods of time.

So is it effective to use Modafinil for long term memory? According to the experts, Modafinil offers various benefits as far as memory enhancement is concerned. It fosters recall and learning in people for whom coffee just isn’t enough.

Apart from using Modafinil for long term memory enhancement, many people also use this medicine for treating excessive daytime sleepiness that is associated with narcolepsy and disorders related to shift work.

Since Modafinil is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for treating narcolepsy, many physicians have also started prescribing this medicine off-label for issues related to memory, attention span, depression and multiple sclerosis. It is also termed as a “study drug” by many students because it helps them treat excessive sleepiness and boosts their test scores and academic success.

As far as Modafinil memory enhancement properties are concerned, Provigil has “subtle” benefits in boosting memory. This was found in a German clinical trial. This drug is also said to create memory improvements and improve concentration. However, some experts believe that if an individual is not sleep deprived, this medicine will not have a direct effect on their memory. Marked improvements in memory can be seen in people who lack sufficient sleep or suffer from poor memory.

Considering the Modafinil memory enhancement properties, many students tend to take this medicine in order to prepare for a big exam. Studies also suggest that the strongest improvement occurs in short-term span for verbal memory and it also helps in improving visual memory and spatial planning.


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